Fun on the farm

The newest John Deere tractor is something farmers should look into.

The John Deere 8rx is the newest tractor John Deere has released. It is a machine that can make work easier for the job at hand and can range from 300 to 410 horsepower. The new 8rx comes with four tracks instead of tires, so it is a nicer and smoother ride when the tractor is going over rough terrain in the field. It also has an independent link suspension, so the operator gets the smoothest ride possible, and a new 4 post cab suspension with 2 inches of travel. Not only does it ride better, but it also has better visibility with little LED lights that light up 360 degrees around the tractor.  

  In the 8rx, the farmer can either have an infinitely variable transmission which is where the operator can change the speed with the turn of a dial, or a sixteen-speed power shift which is where the operator pushes a button to increase speed. It can have up to six hydraulic hoses hooked up at one time. The hydraulic system can flow up to 90 gallons per minute. The 8rx also comes with a new power management system that only uses the power it needs to pull the implement that the operator is pulling. That means it is saving more fuel, so the tractor can operate longer without stopping to refuel. The fuel tank on the 8rx is 200 gallons.  

 With their new command pro control, the operator can control all of the implements in the palm of its hand and move from park to top speeds with the push of a button. 

The farmers are looking forward to seeing the new 8rx in the fields and hoping that it leaves them satisfied.