NHS is the best!

Zumbrota-Mazeppa’s National Honor Society chapter has been very busy this year with lots of new projects.


Amy Matuska

The chapter helped clean up yards and do landscaping at local homes.

National Honor Society is a group that has helped communities with local projects throughout the years.

There’s a student based group located in the Zumbrota Mazeppa High School that not only helps the community with local projects, but they improve it overall, this group is called National Honor Society. National Honor Society has played an important role in the community for many years. This group is meant to get students involved in their community, and they also have a positive influence on all the communities around them. These students want to help in any way that they can, and they take extreme pride in everything they do.

National Honor Society consists of high school students in grades 10-12 who have high morals and a hard work ethic. To remain in the group, the students have to maintain a 3.33 GPA and they have to prove that they are honor students at all times. This means that they have to be good role models in school and outside of school. There is not another club at school that has these types of requirements just to be able to participate. Each person in NHS has applied and they have been chosen because they have proved that they have the qualities of a good student. “

I wanted to join NHS because I wanted to help people in my community,”

— Kristine Moore

” reported Kristine Moore, a senior at Zumbrota Mazeppa. She has been a part of NHS for about 2 years and she’s enjoyed every minute of it. The characteristics students need to possess to get into NHS include leadership, determination, generosity, and dedication. These students are positive role models for other students in all grades and they absolutely love being able to help out the community.

National Honor Society participates in many activities throughout the year, and many of their activities take place around the holiday seasons. They participate in bell ringing around Christmas time, which is a fundraiser for the homeless people who need supplies for the winter

months. They also go to Feed My Starving Children a couple times throughout the year. “This is my favorite activity to attend” stated Mrs. Matuska. This is a nonprofit organization that makes sure that kids worldwide are getting nutritious meals throughout their day. NHS has also gone to the Ronald McDonald House. At the Ronald McDonald House, they provide meals for all of the families living there. It’s located near Mayo Clinic and its purpose is to house sick kids and their families that live out of state, so that they don’t have to travel far for their medical treatments. NHS has also stuffed stockings full of necessities to give to families that need them throughout the winter months. This stocking could include hats, socks, coats, mittens, toothpaste, and many other items. NHS also hosts a blood drive at the Zumbrota Mazeppa High School to let high school students donate. The students that choose to participate need to be at least 16 years old to be able to donate blood for a good cause.

The quality that makes National Honor Society different from other groups is that they are inspired. They want to help people and they want to become more involved in their community to not only better themselves, but to improve other people’s lives. These students want to achieve success in all aspects of life. They work extremely hard to get tasks done and they also work extremely well with others. These are the qualities that they will need to possess in order to succeed after they graduate.