Greatness in Goodhue

The small town of Goodhue has lots of excitement within their school.

Goodhues principal happily stands outside the school.

Destione Holt

Goodhues principal happily stands outside the school.

“Goodhue school is one big family, the community is a big part in that family, but the school is the heart,” said Michelle Rehder, the high school principal.  Michelle Rehder going on her 22nd year at Goodhue, 3rd as the principal. Off of highway 58, Goodhue is a small town of 1,176 people. Goodhue school is made up of a few different things; 700 students,  faculty, and the support that sustains the structure of the little community. “I’d say we are a small town with big dreams,” said Rehder. Alana Schmit, a Junior, talks about excitement and the future and for her remaining years at Goodhue.

“I think Goodhue school will continue to get better and better every year. My career as a student has been bumpy, but I’m sure I can stick it out and finish strong.” When asked about what she was doing after high school, she said she didn’t know yet. She is currently working at Treasure Island Resort and Casino as a lifeguard at The Lagoon. Schmit explains, “During homecoming we have volleyball for the Junior and Senior boys, powderpuff for the Junior and Senior girls, the parade, and the competitions. The competitions include dress up points, floats made by grades 7-12, skits performed during coronation, windows painted, and a hallway that each grade decorates.” “I’m excited for homecoming. Powderpuff is going to be fun, volleyball and powderpuff is always the most intense thing that goes on during the week.”

In the summer of 2020, Goodhue will be adding a new addition to the school. Schmit spoke on how she was “bummed out” that she wasn’t going to be around during the upgrades and wishes she could see and be a part of it.  With the renovations comes heat and air, new building add ons, a new track and gym, a wildcat care space, a new cafeteria, and a new office.The students, faculty, and community are very excited for what is to come of the new building.