Coming Home


Lisa Hutton

Zach Hutton and Willie Sibley celebrate Zach’s crowning.

It is time to pick homecoming king and queen. That’s right, last week each student was required to fulfill his or her civic duty and vote for homecoming royalty. But with this year’s candidates the students were faced with a tough decision. 

There were a total of eight candidates, four men and four women. The candidates were chosen in a previous election open only to the seniors that served to narrow the field for the final election. Most of the candidates are mainstays of the coronation festivities with Jakalyn Arendt, Hannah Jones, Alison Hunstad, Claudia Gunhus, Zachary Hutton, Micheal Majerus, and William Sibley all  being homecoming court attendees in previous years. The only surprise candidate is Roy Rowe, who received the nomination in a shocking upset. For those of you reading this that are uninitiated in the history of Zumbrota Mazeppa Homecomings, every year the exact same people are chosen in each grade to either be homecoming royalty for the seniors, or homecoming attendees for the kids in 9-11 grade, so Rowe’s nomination is not shocking because Roy Rowe specifically was nominated for royalty, but that anyone outside of the perennial list of candidates was nominated. In short, Rowe being chosen displaced the established nominees and added a wildcard factor to an otherwise predictable election. 

The presence of the name Roy Rowe on the list of candidates was a destabilizing force for what people were expecting in the election.with student Grant Haferman, when asked whether or not there was a chance of a Rowe victory, stated 

There’s a decent chance; people across the school have been campaigning hard, so I could see it happening.”

— Grant Hafferman

Clearly Roy Rowe was making waves but everyone had to wait for the night of coronation to see if those waves were big enough to truly rock the boat.

Tuesday night, seven o’ clock, the moment of truth. After various festivities and games with each of the candidates, the candidates for homecoming king lined up. Logan Jasperson, the homecoming court attendee for the juniors, crept behind them with a crown in hand, he moved from left to right behind them playfully holding the crown over each of their heads before finally placing the crown on the head of the 2019 Zumbrota Mazeppa Homecoming King, Zachary Hutton. There was much rejoicing. Later Cladia Gunhus was selected for queen and everyone went home. The next day, students went back to school, unsurprised but happy with their new king and queen, and although Roy did not win, the election was better for his candidacy. Before coronation, when I asked Zach what he had to say to the people who voted for him he joyfully responded “Thank you, and I love you, and I appreciate you.”