Mrs. Prod’s productions

TV Productions class at ZM allows students to use their creativity and while learning the basics of film production.


Madelyn Fitzgibbons

Kristi Moore and Will Grimsrud read the news while Zach Hutton films and Audrey Timm edits.

“Put the camera on me! I’ve got something to say.” said Will Grimsrud. The TV Productions group at Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School has been entertaining and informing their school for years. Everyone who is involved say they love being a part of it. No wonder it is the number one most requested class at ZM.

TV productions’ main job is running the announcements to inform the students on what is going on throughout their school. There are thirteen people in the group this year and Will seems to think that it’s a great idea. “The more the merrier and the less editing I have to do.” Each student has a different role each day as to what they contribute in the class. Madelyn, another new member of the TV productions team, described what those jobs entail, “one person makes the slides to read from, two people read from those slides, one person edits and uploads the video, and the rest start working on new projects and videos.” Along with reading off the announcements, everyone in TV productions has to make their own projects for entertainment purposes, like music videos, announcement intros, and skits. Will explained what project was his favorite/most looking forward to. “Probably the skits. We are working on one where there is going to be someone’s hair on fire to teach about fire hazards. Of course it will be fake though.” Every year TV productions has created enticingly funny content that makes the whole school laugh. I have no doubt that this year will be any different. Both Will and Madelyn agree that “this class allows us to be creative and produce unique content to show to our peers.” To them, TV productions is the

best class ever!”

— Will Grimsrud

Especially with an amazing leader like Bev Prodzinski. Mrs. Prodzinski is the advisor of TV Productions. Prodzinski started the group in 2003. She explains her role as “being there to teach them the basics, and letting them be creative in what they produce. I am there to help guide them to be leaders and speak up about what they would like to put forth in their videos.” There are thirteen people this year, which is the biggest group she has ever had. She said, “It is a challenge trying to work with thirteen people and only four computers, but hopefully we have more ideas brought to the table.” Over the years, there have been many favorite projects produced by the group. One of Mrs. Prodzinski’s favorite traditions is the “12 days of Christmas music video because it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit and involves a lot of students and staff.” The TV productions class has given the students many opportunities not only for creativity, but for experiencing the world of broadcasting as well. One year, the group got an opportunity to go to the KTTC News Center, where they got to see and talk to some of the broadcasters. Prodzinski said that was her favorite memory running TV productions.

There are many benefits being a part of the TV production class. It provides a learning experience for all kids in multiple aspects of their life including: leadership, teamwork, creativity, positivity, and much more. The overall employment of broadcasting is expected to grow 8% in the next eight years, which is faster than the average for all occupations. The class allows students to gain knowledge not only for broadcasting, but for many other career fields. That’s why it is no surprise that people who have been involved in TV Productions in years past have turned out to live successful lives.