Leaving it all on the field

The Zumbrota-Mazeppa football team uses their close knit team to strive for success.


Carter Claxton and Willie Holm enjoyed their football season this year”

The Zumbrota-Mazeppa football team operate with what they call a “farmers mentality”. From the coaches to the players to the water boys, they are a team who believe the same things as local farmers. This includes an excellent work ethic, doing what you can with what you have, courage, family and encouragement for fellow teammates.

On the Zumbrota-Mazeppa football team there is about 35 boys with 2 managers. The managers Cece Hamilton and Audrey Downes are a big part of the team. They record all the hot shots of the boys, get them water when needed and much more. The 6 seniors on the team are very sad to be ending their season with only 2 games left. This Friday, October 11 is their last home game where they play Dover-Eyota. The following Friday, October 18 where they have their last away game against Red Wing.

Even though they have not done very well this season with a record of 1-5, they are still doing their best. The win against Pine island on September 20th was a very big win for us. It got the whole crowd cheering! They ended with a score of 22-17. That is why it is Willie Holm and Carter Claxton’s favorite team to play. Some of the other boys including Logan said their favorite team to play is Caledonia because it is a hard and very competitive game.

The friendships these boys have made with their teammates are something that can never be broken. Carter says, “

My favorite part of the sport is the bond that we create with our teammates and the fun that we have”

— Carter Claxton

”. Logan says “The thing that I enjoy the most about football is right before we play a game we always give good pep talks to hype us up for the game and helps us know that no matter what win or lose at least we all were out there together trying our

best and doing it as a team”. Willie also says, “I like the teamwork we have during games and just overall everyday”.

Even though the sport is so much fun there is also a downside, which is the injuries. Carter has had a concussion and Willie has broken his finger. Which has made them sit out a game or two. But the players I interviewed state that the risk is well worth it, and they will continue to play football because they really enjoy the competition. The friendships and comradery these players develop playing the game of football means everything.