Ax Men

Ax Men is a must-see for any outdoorsman.

Ax Men is a television show that lots of people watch. Ax Men is about logging companies that work in the forests around North America. Their newest season, season ten, has a lot of new companies participating in the show. The companies are Rygaard Logging, Mike Phil, Buckin Billy Ray’s Tree Service, Etienne’s Timber, and Harkness Lumber. Ax Men has lot of excitement and cliffhangers in it, and it also has the intense action of a logger climbing extremely tall trees. They are always in a rush to get the last load of timber to the mill before it closes.     

Buckin Billy Ray’s Tree Service is located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Etienne’s Timber is located in St. Corix Indiana, Harkness Lumber is located in Acme Washington, Rygaard Logging is located in Washington,and Mike Phil is located in Oregon. This is where all of the companies are located. Most of the companies deal with pine wood, which is evergreen trees. Some of the companies, like Etienne’s timber, log in the deciduous forest. Everyone has a crew except Phil. Phil runs his business by himself. All the companies are in a rush to get as much wood out of the forest before the winter season shuts them down for the year 

Ax Men has ten seasons, so there many episodes for people that watch. Ax men has people from all over the country, and they all talk differently which makes it entertaining to watch. They have lots of mechanical breakdowns throughout the show. There is a lot of treacherous terrains and violent weather that they encounter. All of them work long hours, hoping that they get top dollar for the wood that they harvest. So this is why I recommend watching Ax Men.