Phone fanatics

Phones and social media are taking over the world. It is our job to keep our usage under control.

Students become quite attached to their devices

Isabelle Bump

Students become quite attached to their devices

Today, millions have the world at their fingertips. Their happiness can skyrocket or plummet with one click, swipe and tap on the glass of our mental cage. Like a syringe, social media slowly drains us. The world through our screens affects everyone, but is a huge epidemic specifically among teenagers. Handcuffs linked around their hands unlocked only with one more spin of the refresh button on their home page.

Social media was born in 1997. Some say it was built by hell fire with a sprinkle of social downfall. But others would say that they cannot live without it. Which is exactly the problem. Social media began to blow up around 1999. That is 19 years of a steady increase in social media activity and a decrease in social interactions. Picking an outfit and rummaging through the depths of your closet for your nicest pair of shoes has been replaced with throwing a comfy casual shirt on as you spend your first date in the comfort of your bed as you facetime your suitor. You send a fistful of laughing emojis as you sit straight faced on your porcelain throne. “My mom worries about my phone usage” Heather Athey quotes.

Social media is an addiction. Laced with filters and injected with the post button. “The average adult spends two hours and forty minutes on the phone per day. Where teens spend an average of nine hours.” – Quartz News. Social media makes the top five hardest addictions to kick, backing up the issue Grace Reed quotes” I’m on it 24/7 , it is a real problem.”

A solution? A detox. Locking yourself out of your “world” and coming face to face with reality. Turning your phone off for 12 hours and letting loved ones know beforehand can be really great for a good refresher.

While that can be a nice facial … temporarily deleting your social media to resist the urge and going for three days, a week or even a month can really be a whole spa day! Sometimes the best things for you can be the hardest to do.

It is important to find a balance between the online world and reality. Taking a break is a great way to do this. Yes, getting out of the pool is cold for a minute but once you’re done shivering and dancing with chills you will find yourself the same person, dry and warm. Take a step from engulfing yourself in social media and give yourself some time to dry off.